What Women Want (From Renovating)

what Women want from renovating

The School Of Renovating conducted an online survey of 324 participants about their renovating and investing. These were some of the key findings:

Boosting Retirement Savings Is Our Main Motivation For Renovating

According to the survey results, over a third of responders (36.79%) are renovating and investing in properties to boost their retirement income. Almost equal in responses include investing and renovating properties to make up for a financial setback (17.92%). The next group is to replace the income lost from a job they were unhappy (17.61%). Other reasons were boredom (8.18%) and to help their children (6.29%)…

We Trust Our Local Real Estate Agent Over Any Other Source Of Property Information

Real estate agents lead the way when it comes to being a trusted source of property purchasing information. Not far behind from the group are newspapers, property magazines, or television. And rounding out the top three were decisions made thanks to a “gut-feeling”.

Brokers Trump Banks (Two To One)

Homeowners and investors seem to be willing to pay a bit more for a property that they expect will deliver long term value. Over half of the respondents used a mortgage broker to finance their property purchase (50.46%). Nearly one quarter (23.22%) worked directly with a bank or credit union. And nearly 20% (18.58%) worked with both. Less than 5% hadn’t obtained a loan, and 3.1% obtained financing through other means.

The School of Renovating and She Renovates Podcast with Bernadette Janson

She Renovates Free Facebook Group

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