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Small Business Champions Finalist:
The School Of Renovating

Small Business Champions Awards are Australia’s most respected initiatives to recognise the contribution small businesses make to the nation. Bernadette Janson is very excited to share The School of Renovating have been nominated and are now finalists for the Small Business Champions Awards.

Empowering Women In Australia

There are over 3.4 million small businesses in Australia. They contribute $413 B to our economy. Small businesses are responsible for approx 49% of Australia’s business employment. Aside from the financial contributions of small businesses to the nation, they also contribute less tangible benefits in innovation, diversity and community.  

The reason we are excited about being a finalist of the Small business Champions Awards is that it offers an incredible opportunity to amplify our message of women’s empowerment.

Transforming Womens’ Lives Through Renovating

Our Renovation Programs have the potential to massively transform the lives of women so they can increase their retirement funds, create the income they can manage through renovation, Airbnb and joint ventures. We continue to learn and grow to expand the reach and results of our programs and our abilities as small business champions!

Many Australian women are financially vulnerable.  There are currently 400,000 women aged over 45 at risk of homelessness. They tend not to be aware of the extent of their vulnerability until they experience a crisis such as a relationship breakdown or they hit retirement and they have more life left than they have money.

There are many contributing factors such as the gender pay gap and high divorce rate but I believe the real problem is deeply rooted in their biology. Women are hardwired to be carers, nurturers and homemakers, sacrificing their own personal ambitions and financial security for the welfare of the people they love.

A Supportive Community: Boosting Confidence For Growth

A study in Denmark in 2018 showed that when a woman has her first child, her earning capacity is reduced by up to 20% and it NEVER fully recovers.

Through The School of Renovating, we can channel womens’ strengths and passion for homemaking into renovating for profit to enable them to be able to earn a substantial income, while working part-time, so they still have the flexibility and time for the people they love.

We have the capacity and enduring commitment to empowering women of any age to overcome financial disadvantages and boost confidence and self-esteem, including when approaching retirement. In doing this the entire family benefits.

Small Business Champions: Proud To Be A Finalist

Being chosen as a finalist for Small Business Champions Awards enables us to reach more women and transform their lives. And it’s not just the financial benefits our women enjoy,  it’s also the joy of having a supportive and encouraging community and opportunities for personal growth.

She Renovates Free Facebook Group

If you want to meet up with a group of savvy renovators. I would say come over and join She Renovates Facebook Group. It’s a completely FREE Facebook group and it is growing at the rate of knots. We hit over a thousand members just recently, and now it seems to have picked up momentum. They are all savvy renovating women and men working their little hearts out to live a better life through renovating.

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