Renovation Planning Concept Session for the Class Project

Renovators Concept Session

In this live online renovation planning session, David Janson applies his expert skills as an architect to guide the Class Project team through a collaborative process on how to reconfigure the floorplan and address challenges in the current layout of our renovation project house.

Renovation Planning and Collaboration Helps Set Clear Project Scope

Follow along in the video with our Class Project reno team as we engage with David on how to best optimise the spaces to transform this house and maximise its value. We were excited to get well down the track with the renovation planning, overall visual appeal upgrades and key areas to focus on for the renovation. 

Good planning and renovation concepts help define the project scope to be ready to take to the builder for feasibility and quotes.

Good renovations always start with a great floor plan.  ~ David Janson

Adding or reworking some rooms, reconfiguring the kitchen, and creating an open-plan living room was part of our first ideas. These are the kinds of tasks frequently addressed by David Janson in his Renovator Concepts workshops.  


New Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living Area Layouts

Modern family lifestyles mean much more open plan living and wherever possible an easy indoor-outdoor feel, so this was on our agenda as we discussed options with David in this renovation planning session.

An important part of this Class Project is to renovate the kitchen and bathroom. More than that, in this planning session we developed ideas to:

  • Connect kitchen and dining areas into an open plan space
  • Remove one or two walls to achieve open plan living
  • Convert the laundry to a second bathroom
  • Create indoor-outdoor living with a deck opening onto the backyard
  • Create an outdoor entertaining kitchen

Key Renovation Planning Decisions

In this project, we are applying Bernadette Janson’s tried and tested $100K Cosmetic Plus renovation system. This means we need to maximise the appeal, the ‘wow factor’, and functionality of the renovation whilst carefully managing the budget. 

Which rooms just need a cosmetic makeover and which rooms require a substantial modern makeover?

Our renovation planning questions were whether to:

  • Knock out a wall
  • Change a window
  • Add new expanding doors to give an indoor-outdoor feel
  • Create an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom 
  • Provide ensuite access through a walk-in wardrobe

Floor Plan Ideas Worth Testing in Our Renovation Planning

By David sketching live during the concept design workshop, our Class Project team was able to collaboratively test design ideas, make decisions and close the feedback loop in real-time.

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More Work-In-Progress Ideas for Consideration

  • Design the laundry as a European laundry inside the bathroom
  • Two different options emerged for the kitchen and dining areas. 
  • One option includes a dining area and kitchen with an island bench
  •  Wide access doors open to an outdoor deck 
  • The second option looked at included taking out three of the internal walls

Street Appeal and External Renovation Planning 

We talked about how to enhance the street appeal of the property and some of the challenges needing a solution. These include:

  • Very large front windows which limit privacy in the master bedroom
  • The existing carport is overbearing and detracts from the welcome feel and entrance design of the property 

Collaboration Is Key For Effective and Profitable Renovations

Our renovation planning process takes advantage of the passion and commitment of all the Class Project team…

Christine asked: “Could you have sliding doors opening out onto the lawn side from the existing garage and then having it as a recreation room for kids or teenagers?” 

David suggested to thoughtfully consider a creative treatment for those large front windows. “I think some kind of a timber screen or an element that gives you a real sense of it being architecturally considered would make a massive impact.” 

James commented on the always-positive, can-do attitude of the Wonder Women Renovators who are part of this Class Project: “They’ll just say, oh nothing to it, five minutes!”

Michelle loves the second option for the kitchen layout. “So then the buyers can decide if they want their lounge room in front of the kitchen, looking outside or if they want it around the corner.”

Keep watching as our Class Project renovation planning and project takes shape, and follow along with our very own ‘Grand Design!’


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