Echuca Home Renovation: Breathing New Life into a Rural Victoria Property

A Collaborative Family ‘Avocado-Smash’ Project

Echuca, a rural town in Victoria, Australia, is the site of an exciting home renovation project. This is another “Avocado Smash” project, this time a collaborative effort between Bernadette and Stephen Janson and their daughter, Madeleine. 

With some long-distance planning and attention to detail, the family is working to transform the property to be fully updated with, functional spaces and new street appeal.

This project also will be a micro-development in due course, as the land is big enough to sub-divide.

Three Key Areas of Focus

The renovation process has been broken down into three key areas: identifying necessary changes, sourcing supplies, and selling items where possible to supplement the project financing. 

 Bernadette has used the Renovation Feasibility Template, developed for The School Renovating students. This helps to track and manage the reno too. 

This digital planning tool helps keep track of the project’s progress and serves as a day-to-day to-do list for Bernadette and the team. Check this video to look over Bernadette’s shoulder as she fine-tunes the plan…


Working with a Smart Design

Concept plans for the property were provided by another family member David Janson, an accomplished architect. These plans serve as a strong starting point, adapting and refining them as they work through each room in the house. 

Photos of the property have also been uploaded to the planning tool to provide a visual reference when needed.


Revamping the Kitchen

One of the first rooms tackled in this renovation project is the kitchen. Upon inspection, it was determined that the existing appliances and cabinets are in decent condition, requiring only minor component changes. However, the kitchen lacks a dishwasher, so the installation of a new one is a priority. In addition, the room will benefit from a fresh coat of paint and a reconfiguration of the cabinetry, particularly where the microwave is placed.


Staying Organised and On Track

As the family team progresses through the Simmie Street renovation, Bernadette will continue to update the Renovation Feasibility Template with tasks, supply needs, and other plans. This structured approach ensures that nothing is overlooked and that the project stays on track.

A Home for Generations

The Echuca home renovation exemplifies the power of collaboration and thoughtful planning in transforming a rural property. With the built-in synergy of an Avo-Smash project and a well-organised plan, this is poised to become a beautiful, functional living space for a new family and for future generations.

Follow along as Bernadette, Stephen and Madeleine share their avo-smash project updates.

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